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diary of events Since 1996 we have been working with clients and expanding our knowledge and techniques to encompass many issues including: stopping smoking, fears, phobias, relationship problems, anxiety, panic attacks, anger, stress, over-weight, gambling, abuse, lack of self confidence and other symptoms that result from feeling conflicting emotions and stress. We enjoy working with people from many different cultures and backgrounds. We aim to transform your life gently and smoothly.

To learn more about each therapy click here for: Hypnotherapy, Past Lives, CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), Geneline Therapy, Rapid Personal Transformation (RPT), Theta Healing, Painless Spinal Touch, Reiki, and Metamorphic Technique. We also offer a program for weight loss using a subconscious gastric band.

Most clients come for one to three sessions, however, with more complex cases, we may need a longer period. To support clients through the release of their stressful issues we may suggest the use a number of different therapies even in one session. A discount is available for multiple sessions.

Emotional intelligence is now recognised as a powerful force. The mind receives and processes information at a subconscious level. Without conscious awareness this information is missed. Over many years we have been trained in conventional therapies and also in the use of our intuitive gifts as these can provide valuable insights into the cause of your distress. We are also very experienced in gently resolving fears and phobias.

Science backs the use of intuition: Professor Trisha Greenhalgh made a study of how intuition could be used by GP’s and other medics to help them to cure or diagnose patients. She is the director of the Healthcare Innovation and Policy Unit at Queen Mary, University of London. She has been awarded an OBE for her services to medicine. Dr Judith Orloff, psychiatrist and author, also promotes the use of intuition. Dr Vera Peiffer is a psychologist and author who says that intuition is a ‘kind of internal sat nav system that gets better with experience.’


Hypnotherapy is much more than Hypnosis, but what is hypnosis? “Hypnosis is a natural everyday phenomenon used to communicate with the unconscious and update it, so that the clients’ own resources can be utilised to solve their problems.” You could say that we have two minds, the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. The conscious mind is in control of everyday thinking and actions, like deciding what to buy, what to do next and how to get there. The subconscious or body mind controls the automatic function of the body, the immune system, self healing, the heart rate, the filing of information in the mind and much more. The conscious mind only works when we are awake but the subconscious mind functions even when we are asleep, sometimes giving us dreams as it sorts information or tries to alert us. Hypnosis is deep relaxation that connects with the subconscious mind.

healing Our subconscious mind holds all of our experiences and memories. This is so that we can learn from experiences and stay safe. It is the experiences and information gathered in our past that creates our expectations, beliefs and behaviour patterns- positive or negative, helpful or unhelpful. For example if you have had a difficult childhood with uncaring parents, you may understand that you are unlovable and worthless. You may be unable to experience loving relationships because you have never felt this love as a child and don't know how to recognise it. If you have had abuse as a child, you are likely to experience many negative feelings like guilt, anger, shame and hatred. These feelings again will impact upon your future relationships as the negative feelings take control.

Hypnotherapy allows you to release these harmful emotions. From every significant experience our subconscious mind records sounds, tastes, smells, feelings so you may feel stressed in certain situations and fail to understand that your senses have triggered those same feelings. When you go into self hypnosis in a Hypnotherapy session, you are in touch with your subconscious mind and you can make changes that make your life easier, more pleasant.

Daydreaming or meditation is very similar to the state we experience in hypnosis or hypnotherapy. It is a perfectly natural state of mind. All hypnosis is self hypnosis as no one can hypnotise you against your will. When I help you to go into self hypnosis in a hypnotherapy session, we work together to alter inappropriate and outdated beliefs and behaviour that is holding you back. I always use NLP with Hypnotherapy for greater effect, reinforcing new feelings, beliefs and behaviour patterns that are positive and life affirming. In hypnosis you are fully aware but deeply relaxed. Even in hypnotherapy, no one can make you do anything you don't want to do. This is nothing like stage hypnosis, where people act the fool for entertainment purposes. Many people who struggle to meditate find it much easier when they have experienced hypnosis. If you would like to turn your self hypnosis into meditation just let me know and I will give you all the information and tools you need.

Hypnosis is a relaxed, dreamy drowsy state of mind, like when you just wake up, or like daydreaming in a warm bath. The normal conscious brainwave is called Beta. This is when you are thinking or talking about everyday matters. When you go into meditation or Hypnosis, you slip into a deeper level of brainwaves called Alpha. The Theta brainwave state is equivalent to a light sleep. Delta is when you are in a deep sleep.

brain wave chart

What Happens in a session of Hypnotherapy? During a session of Hypnotherapy, we talk about your problems and work together to trace them to their origins. Often we can find new meaning or a new perception of an unhappy event, which enables you to move on in your life without feeling upset, fearful or panicky. Hypnotherapy is for your benefit and I simply assist you to learn self-hypnosis so that you can also practice it at home. You have a useful tool for the rest of your life. You will probably also leave with much more knowledge about yourself and the world, with techniques for self-empowerment and relaxation. Everyone is an individual with unique perceptions of the world but it is very common for clients to say that they never felt that they fitted in. A session will bring new light to this situation. The benefits of Hypnotherapy and hypnosis are many: reduced stress levels; lower blood pressure; steady heart rate; greater relaxation and self healing for the body.

Hypnosis is not always necessary if you have fears for example about loosing control. There are many alternative techniques, which may be used with or without Hypnotherapy such as Geneline Therapy, Theta Healing, Reference Point Therapy, NLP, (Neurolinguistic programming) or EFT, (Emotional freedom Therapy). Hypnotherapy with NLP enables you to leave the past behind and move forward in your life with more positive thoughts and behaviour patterns, bringing new light and happiness into your life.

Past Lives

Past lives In Past Life Regression you are taken into a past life by deep relaxation or hypnosis to experience it again for yourself. We fully explain the possibilities that might be found in this session and ensure that all safeguards are in place before you go into hypnosis. With the light of the information revealed in the session, we help you to understand the relevance of this past life or lives to you today. We also heal significant past life events and release any issues found like guilt, trauma and soul contracts.

Normally one or two past lives are uncovered in one session. A recording is made and delivered to you on CD. If you are stressed or particularly nervous, I recommend that you purchase an anxiety and stress CD from me (cost £5) or be prepared to come for more than one session to become deeply enough relaxed.

If you are anxious about experiencing a past life for yourself, perhaps because you believe something traumatic happened, you can still learn about the past without being regressed. This involves a Past Life Reading which will reveal several past lives that throw new light on current life issues. After discussion, we heal the trauma and issues found. Using this therapy many more past lives can rapidly be found, verified and resolved.

Future Life Regression – For Spiritual Development

A future life regression may be undertaken as part of past life regression. It enables you to explore your most likely future as perceived by your subconscious. After the past life regression, we may return to see the changes your subconscious perceives for the future. Obviously this is a much longer session, perhaps 2 to 2 and a half hours.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

CBT is approved by the National Institute for Health and Clinical excellence, (NICE) and the British Occupational Health Research Foundation. It used widely in the NHS. CBT derives from REBT, which was first developed in the 50’s by Dr Albert Ellis who had trained as a clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst. His hypothesis went something like this-
CBT The past is in the past so cannot affect us today. Therefore something else is going on and this must be that we dwell on the past and develop beliefs from it that affect our thinking and then our feelings and behaviour. We all react differently to an event or stimulus so again it must be our thought processes that make this difference.

His answer was to make the client aware of the faulty thinking ie irrational belief that led to this feeling and behaviour and to train the client by conditioning to think and feel differently. This system was further developed in the 60’s into the more popular CBT by one of his students, Aaron Beck MD a psychiatrist.

There is a framework and structure to CBT. You, the client are required to think about and propose a positive outcome to the therapy and consider the effects of this on yourself and others. Through a discussion of the activating or upsetting event, and the thought processes leading to the behaviour that you want to avoid you are challenged to change your beliefs and thinking and start to change your behaviour accordingly. With a greater understanding of your problem, you are expected to do homework of various forms to take responsibility for your transformation and to defeat your fears or stress. We will support you in this as much as possible.

If you are very intellectual or logical and unable to get in touch with your feelings easily, this therapy may be the most appropriate for you.

Geneline Therapy

You know that you inherit hair colour, eye colour and various traits from your parents. The new science of Epigenomes now gives us evidence that feelings are also inherited. Epigenomes switch genes on or off to produce dominant feelings that guide our perceptions, beliefs and behaviour. This is simply a process of evolution. The biology of the ancestor wants to pass on vital feelings that are perceived to be the means of keeping safe.

Geneline therapy For example in a famine, it is important to eat when ever food is available. Therefore the descendants of famine victims have an increased risk of obesity, diabetes and heart problems. An ancestor in trouble may survive a witch hunt by running and hiding. This survival strategy is passed to descendants who are now required to stand up and give a talk. However, they have a dreadful feeling that they must run and hide!

It has also been established that trauma registers not just in the mind, but also in the cells of the body. This means that if it is inherited you may feel just as anxious and depressed as your ancestor did!

You are often unaware of these strategies and feelings because you have had them from birth. Geneline simply and easily finds and removes the survival strategies that are now unhelpful. This therapy works excellently over the telephone. This therapy is suitable for those in touch with their feelings and if you can do this it will shorten your time in therapy considerably.

This therapy is based on the application of scientific knowledge.

Rapid Personal Transformation

Simon & Evette Rose developed ‘Reference Point Therapy’ (renamed to 'Rapid Personal Transformation'), from cutting edge research like that of Grant McFetridge and the new Biology of Bruce Lipton. Reference Point Therapy finds key points of distress and uses peak states of being to release the vibration of trauma thereby facilitating instant change and sometimes instant physical healing. You don’t have to discuss or relive unpleasant experiences but you do have to be prepared to feel some unpleasant feelings in order to be rid of them for good. This therapy works excellently over the telephone and skype. Much more information is available at www.referencepointtherapy.com.

Theta Healing

Theta Healing Theta Healing is an extensive system of healing devised by Vianna Stibal. It includes advice on nutrition and supplements, healing and muscle testing to find out the root cause of your symptoms.

What does it do? We start with an intuitive body scan to source your emotional issues. After a discussion of your problems and the issues found in the body scan, we muscle test for confirmation of subconscious beliefs and feelings. Then we use the theta brainwave state to resolve them.

How does it work? Theta Healing makes use of the theta brainwave to heal and to intuitively access information from various sources, for example, Angels, Guides, the Higher Self or the Creator of all that Is. With your permission, this brainwave state allows the study of your body mind in order to pick up information about the causes of your pain or issues and this information aids in the understanding of your life. Theta Healing is also an excellent form of healing and it allows us to perceive and remove anything from your aura that does not belong. Theta Healers may work in many different ways.

What is it based on? It is based upon the teachings and experiences of Vianna Stibal, a natural psychic and healer.

This therapy works very well over the telephone or skype.

As a result of teaching Theta Healing and also giving many treatments using these techniques our expectations and style of working has deviated from Vianna's. We have also taken on board much of the work of Sarah James and Val Moore when applying Theta Healing. For emotional and physical issues we use very little of the Theta Healing 'tool kit' as other techniques, especially Geneline Therapy generate much better results from our perspective.

Painless Spinal Touch

When you have back pain, it impacts on the rest of the body and limits your life. When you are standing of balance, it puts pressure and strain on internal organs and on nerves. The body has a tremendous self-healing capacity, but when it is under strain for long periods of time, the structure starts to deteriorate.

Painless Spinal Touch is a technique developed by an English Engineer, called John Hurley. Aware of the effects of gravity on buildings, he turned his attention to the human body. He noticed that pain and illness was often accompanied by poor posture, eg, hunched shoulders, with head and neck forward, chest caved in etc. He studied the energy systems of the body and devised Aquarian Age healing, now called Painless Spinal Touch Therapy.

Spinal Touch is a quick and effective light treatment, which affects the energy systems of the body, promoting a free flow of energy through muscles, bones and joints. A pattern of touch points, covering the spine, abdomen, shoulders and head are gently stimulated, releasing blockages in the spine and in the related muscles and organs.

The effect of this is to allow the body to realign with its centre of gravity at the sacrum. The sacrum is a most significant and vulnerable part of the human body. Lying at the centre of the skeletal structure, it supports the spine and the pelvis. Physical or emotional trauma may cause displacement, which if not corrected, will progress to more widespread strain, distortion and ill health.

The intention of the treatment is to relax, release and regenerate the whole energy field. The patient may sometimes feel this as sensations of warmth, tingling or deep relaxation. The spine is realigned and the body brought back into balance. The change is often dramatic and pain is reduced after one or two treatments. Usually the client feels as if they are standing taller and straighter.

It is usual to have three treatments of Painless Spinal Touch to realign the body. I also follow the treatment with Reiki to increase its effectiveness. Obviously more long-term defects may require a longer period of treatments. Changes are often dramatic, bringing a more youthful and relaxed posture. Cost £50


Reiki is a Japanese word meaning “Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy”. It was rediscovered in the 1800’s by Dr Usui of Japan. Since then it has spread in popularity throughout the world. It is not a religion or a cult and there is no necessary belief system, although your beliefs may change when you experience it. The energy promotes healing, stress management and energy renewal. It also assists with personal and spiritual growth. Ki or chi is the life force energy we all need to live. We experience an exchange of this energy all the time. If someone is angry we may feel the tension. If someone smiles we smile and feel happier. Visiting a poorly person in hospital can make us feel drained. Martial artists focus this energy to increase their power in Aikido or Tai chi. Many ancient healing systems throughout the world work with this energy. Reiki supplements your own ki or life force energy to clear blockages and give your body greater power to heal on a mental, physical or emotional level.

Reiki Science or Sci-Fi?

Independent research by Dr Robert Becker and Dr John Zimmerman during the 1980’s investigated what happens during a healing like Reiki. They found that not only do the brain waves of practitioner and receiver become synchronised in the alpha state, (characteristic of deep relaxation, meditation of hypnosis) but also they pulse in unison with the earth’s magnetic field known as Schuman Resonance. During these moments the bio magnetic field of the practitioners hands is at least 1000 times greater than normal, and not as a result of any internal body current. Other researchers have suggested that the linking of the energy fields between the practitioner and earth allows the practitioner to draw on a “universal energy field”. Other work by Zimmerman (1990) in the USA and Seto (1992) in Japan, looked into the pulsating magnetic field that emanates from the healers hands whilst they work. They discovered that the pulses are in the same frequencies as brain waves; varying from 0.3 to 30 Hz. Medical research shows that these frequencies stimulate healing in the body with different frequencies being suitable for specific tissues.

What is Seichem?

Seichem is a wider more powerful energy system than Reiki. Said to be of Egyptian origin, it incorporates the following rays of healing; Reiki, which is the Earth ray, is experienced as heat or cold. It can benefit physical, mental and emotional conditions and it forms a base through which the other rays can work; Sophiel is water energy and it feels like a gentle pulsing coolness. It helps to heal deep emotional issues; Angeliclight, which is air and spirit, feels like a cool gentle breeze. It can facilitate mental healing and establishes a link with the Angelic realms; Sakara, is fire energy and is experienced as an effervescent tingling, or a mild electrical current. It works in the aura, helping to transform blockages.

When I have a treatment, what will I feel?

Experienced healers may feel the different types of energy as outlined above and be able to give you an understanding of what is happening in your body. It is likely that you will just feel very relaxed and peaceful. Reiki and Seichem are very gentle and non invasive. You simply lie on a couch or sit in a chair if preferred, fully clothed. You may be aware that parts of your body feel very hot as the hands rest over them. Many clients drift into a light sleep.

Metamorphic Technique

When you wish to transform in a gentle way for your best and highest good then a Metamorphic Technique treatment will subtly change your energies and allow this development to come into your life. The client experiences and very subtle touch on their feet, hands and head with Wendy or David providing the catalyst for your shifts in energies to support the realisation of your full human potential. In the days after the treatment you will experience enhanced inner strength and knowing as you align to your true self. The Metamorphic Technique was developed by naturopath Robert St. John and developed further by Gaston Saint Pierre who set up the Metamorphic Association ( www.metamorphicassociation.org ).

Subconscious Gastric Band for Weight Loss

Having a surgical Gastric Band fitted as a means to reduce your body size is a major decision to make. Whilst the success rate appears to be good the on-going costs can be high and not every-one is approved to undergo surgery. Surgery alone does not attempt to address cravings for food or unhealthy eating and there are many stories demonstrating how even after surgery people continue to put on weight. Many Gastric Band providers define success as losing more than 25% of the excess weight. It is much more effective to invest in reaching your ‘desirable’, or ‘proper’ weight.

Gastric Band The Subconscious Gastric Band provides an alternative process…

that creates:
· an innate desire to eat and drink healthily
· an understanding of the relationship between emotions and eating
· strong self-motivation to change your eating patterns
· a determination to have a healthy life-style
· new choices, new coping strategies, new hope

and avoids:
· surgery risks of: unexpected reactions to anaesthetic; developing blood clots; allergic reactions; cardiovascular problems; slow recovery due to poor kidney, liver or heart function; accidental damage to organs that have to be moved to one side; accidently perforated livers; band slippage.
· surgery related procedures such as: liability waver; pre surgery fasting; wearing any blood clot stockings; pain relief; a catheter in the bladder; x-rays.
· post surgery steps: initially drinking only liquids, then moving onto pureed (baby food style) food only for weeks; follow up check-ups for gastric band physical adjustments; non soluble stitch removal; being unable to drive for up to two weeks; dealing with swelling or bruising; dealing with the eroded or moving silicon band; repair or replacement band operations some time later for example when the band erodes into the stomach wall.
· excessively rapid weight loss problems such as gallstones , acid reflux and burning sensations in the throat; risks of dumping syndrome (uncontrollable diarrhoea).
· calorie counting; rather we gain a simple awareness of calories and their relationship with weight of body fat

Our Subconscious Gastric Band for Weight Loss programme consists of four half day sessions incorporating Hypnotherapy, biology insight, CBT and Geneline therapy techniques:

Treatment One – Assessment: Understand your weight time line from birth to now. Gain insight into the relationship between eating and our stresses, emotions and habits.

Treatment Two – Pre Operation Treatment: Understanding that hunger isn’t the problem there-fore eating is not the solution; many sensations within the gut are not ‘I am hungry’. We create new insight and responses. We start to 'think like a slim healthy person'.

Treatment Three – Operation: During hypnotherapy we experience an operation that installs a virtual subconscious mind gastric band.

Treatment Four – Post Operation Check-up: We ensure that your virtual subconscious mind gastric band is effective. We support your new techniques and coping strategies to effectively deal with the sensations you used to percieve as hunger. We ensure that you are confident and able to lose weight and improve your well-being.

   The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council 
    The Reiki And Seichem Association 
    The tera Mai Association 

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Clients come to us with a variety of fears and phobias which we help them with, normally these are released within a single session. These include; Fear of heights. Fear of flying. Fear of pain. Fear of open spaces or crowds. Fear of needles or pointed objects. Fear of driving or riding in a car. Fear of angina or choking. Fear of spiders. Fear of being alone. Fear of steep slopes. Fear of dentists or doctors. Fear of marriage. Fear of speaking in public. Fear of childbirth. Fear of death. Fear of fire. Fear of Halloween. Fear of sleep. Fear of germs. Fear of witches and witchcraft. We have seen a lot of clients with a huge range of fears and resolved them all.