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David and Wendy Lowe

Hypnos Healing Therapies

01623 755891

We provide a professional, confidential and friendly, personal therapy service in a comfortable, safe environment near Nottingham.

We adhere to strict professional standards from the following bodies: Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), The Complementary Medical Association, The World Federation Of Hypnotherapists, The Past Life Therapist Association and The Reiki And Seichem Association.

Hypnos Healing aims to resolve easily and effectively, the inner conflict and stress that causes your symptoms. We have experience in treating many issues including: stop smoking, (cigarettes, e-cigarettes or roll ups), fears, phobias, relationship problems, anxiety, panic attacks, anger, stress, over-weight, gambling, abuse, lack of self confidence, sleep disorders, IBS, redundancy, sexual issues and many more.

Hypnos Healing gives you choices so that you can find fast effective relief and a better understanding of yourself and your life.

Therapies include: Hypnotherapy, NLP, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Geneline Therapy, Reference Point Therapy, Reiki, Seichem and Theta Healing, Painless Spinal Touch and Metamorphic Technique .

David and Wendy have been providing therapy services and workshops together since 2006. Wendy established the business in 1996 with Reiki and other therapies including Hypnotherapy. We are therefore a well-established business offering support for people in the Nottingham area using many therapies and healing techniques.

We are just 10 minutes drive from the M1, either junctions 27 or 28. We offer hypnotherapy and many other therapies to enable you to stop and quit smoking in a single morning therapy session. We treat panic attacks, weight loss, depression, anxiety and stress, exam nerves, relationship issues, back problems IBS, performance issues and lots of other problems. If you want to explore past lives, either out of curiosity or to heal your life, we use hypnosis so that you can experience for yourself a past life. This session is recorded.

Hypnos Healing, 10 Westminster Ave, Kirkby in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, UK. NG17 7HY

Land line: 01623 755891
Mobile: 07952800218

We have expertise with all sorts of conditions, such as: Aches, Pains and strains, Addictions, Allergies, Arthritis, Anxiety, Alcoholism, Bad backs, Blushing, Cancer, Candida, Depression, Driving test nerves, Exam Nerves, Fears and Phobias, Gambling, Hayfever, Headaches, IBS, Infections, Insomnia, Jealousy, Lack of Concentration, Lack of Self Confidence, Lack of motivation, Low energy, Menstrual pain, Mental strain, ME, Migraine, Nail biting, Obsessions, Overeating, Pain relief for "permanent conditions", Pain free Childbirth, Panic attacks, Poor Self image/esteem, Poor posture, Public Speaking/Singing, Redundancy, Relationship issues, Sexual Problems, Scoliosis, Shyness, Skin problems, Spinal problems, Stammering, Stopping smoking, Stress, Varicose veins and Weight Control.

Weight loss

weight loss and alignment support

Obesity is more and more common and we often suspect the culprits to be modern eating habits and convenience foods. It may be that some people are brought up to eat the "wrong" foods at the "wrong" times and gradually without exercise to use up extra calories, they gain undue weight. Many people who are overweight yo yo diet. They may make a supreme effort and lose pounds or stones and then put it all back on again. This is because the subconscious mind goes into panic- 'we are in a famine, I must lay down the fat! As soon as food is available I must eat to survive!'
Food has never been so readily available and so convenient. It is very tempting to eat more than we need and more and more people are becoming obese.
Comfort eating is also common. Even if you know that chocolate, crisps, cakes, biscuits and other fattening foods are not good for you, it's difficult to resist when you are feeling low and in need of some comfort.
In our weight loss programme, we start by discussing your current food choices and eating habits. Together we decide on your best options, food to buy, to prepare, when to eat etc and preferred exercise and build this into our hypnotherapy session. Any foods that are addictive, we can use techniques to reduce their appeal. To avoid the subconscious diet scare, in hypnosis we emphasise healthy eating and good eating habits. We encourage you to value and take good care of your body, your temple.
More serious eating disorders have many underlying issues to resolve and we need to look at how you were treated as a child to understand them.

Stress reduction and management

stress management

Stress is acknowledged as one of the greatest causes of illness so it needs to be kept under control. Stress may be something that happens when you struggle to cope with a demanding job, bereavement, change of job, house or other life challenges. It may also be internal, for example, demands that you put upon yourself to be perfect, to be the best or to cope in a situation that you think you should endure. Stress can be relieved by understanding the causes and how the flight and flight reflex is triggered by the autonomous nervous system, whenever the subconscious body mind perceives itself to be in danger. Hypnotherapy and positive suggestions combined with NLP give a boost to confidence levels and feelings of wellbeing, reducing the stress and anxiety.

Pain management

pain management and pain release

Pain is a message from the body that something is wrong and needs attention. It is also a warning not to injure the body any further. It is important to listen to this message and rest when the pain is recent injury or due to a known cause. Hopefully the pain will cease as the body repairs itself. Medication, therapy or arnica balm may help. However, chronic or long term pain may be due to on-going physical trauma, illness or disease or a dysfunctional pain system. Instead of the expectation of relief, there is the expectation of continuing pain and discomfort. This in itself causes more distress and pain may become a disease entity in its own right, when you focus on the pain to the detriment of the rest of your life. As you fear the pain, you may fear to do anything and lose all quality of life. This of course impacts upon mental health and you may suffer from depression. Research suggests that people with pain benefit from exercise, manual therapies, electrophysical agents like TENS, ultrasound and acupuncture and psychological treatments like ours. Massage may help musculoskeletal pain. Painless Spinal Touch will correct posture and undue stress on the spine and muscles. Hypnotherapy will relax the body and teach pain killing techniques. A short video clip produced by the Hunter Integrated Pain service and GP access in New South Wales government in Australia is called, 'Understanding pain: what to do about it in less than 5 minutes?' may be found at See also the Pain Management Plan; How people living with pain found a better life. ( Thanks to Mark Johnson, professor of pain and analgesia at Leeds University for the information in his article, 'No brain, no pain', in the International Therapist.

Relationship problems

resolving relationship conflicts

It is common for clients come to us because they are distressed over their relationship with a relative or love one. It may be a bereavement or the ending of a relationship that they struggle to accept. It may be that they feel uncomfortable, bullied, denigrated or betrayed. Obviously we cannot 'fix' the relationship and make it everything the client would like it to be. What we can do, however, is help the client to see how they are contributing to the problem and why. When we have this new perception we can use hypnotherapy to make the client stronger with more self esteem and more self confidence to do whatever they need to do to make things better. This may mean finishing a relationship or putting it on a different footing. Only the client decides as they understand the situation more clearly and become more empowered. Excessively jealous men often have an issue of abandonment in their past and so they are subconsciously afraid of losing their wife or girlfriend. An emotional issue can often be traced back to a past event or trauma. Sometimes the treatments we do, have a knock on effect on relationships for example, a lady who came for past life therapy uncovered a past life where she was raped and consequently distrusted all men. When she realised that she still had these feelings, it saved the marriage she was thinking of finishing. Another lady, who came for help with a lack of confidence in driving, subsequently left her bullying husband.

Fears and phobias

extinguish your fears here

We offer very fast and effective techniques to reduce or eliminate your fears or phobias. We very frequently work with men, women and children who have irrational fears or all sorts of things including needles, heights, spiders, enclosed spaces, germs and so many more. We help you understand why your body creates these unwanted feelings and release these feelings naturally and easily. We even show you how to do the technique on your own to empower you if other fears surface.

Stop smoking

stop smoking here

We offer a one stop, quit smoking session that lasts between two and a half to three hours. It incorporates a discussion on health issues, toxins in tobacco smoke, the pathway to illness and disease, NLP techniques, Aversion Therapy and Hypnotherapy with NLP. It's normally best to attend during the morning after having your last cigarette the night before.

Anger release

release your anger here

We offer very fast and effective techniques to reduce or eliminate your unresolved anger. We help you understand why your body creates these unwanted feelings or anger, bitterness, hatred, etc, and release these feelings naturally and easily. We even show you how to do the technique on your own to empower you if other events trigger you.

Letting go of depression

treatments for depression

Let us support you in releasing the feelings that create depression including "What's the point?", "I give up", "There's no use " and "I'm not good enough" and gently enable purpose and joy to be manifest in your life.

Support during major life changes

life change

When your life goes through major changes we offer support and healing to smoothen the transition and provide you with new ways to cope and deal with everything thats going on.

Past life regression

past life regression available here

In Past Life Regression you are taken into a past life by deep relaxation or hypnosis to experience it for yourself. We explain the possibilities that might be found in this session and ensure that all safeguards are in place before you go into hypnosis. With the light of the information revealed in the session, we help you to understand the relevance of the past life or lives to you today. We also heal significant past life events and release any issues found like guilt, trauma and soul contracts. Normally one or possibly two past lives are uncovered in one session. A recording is made and sent to you on CD or by email. If you are stressed or particularly nervous, it is recommended that you purchase our anxiety and stress CD, (cost £ 5) or be prepared to come for an additional session to learn to relax more deeply. If you don't want to experience a past life for yourself, perhaps because you believe something traumatic happened, you can still learn about the past without being regressed. This involves a Past Life Reading which will reveal several past lives relevant to current life issues. After discussion, we heal the trauma and issues found. Using this therapy many more past lives can rapidly be found, verified and resolved.

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About Us

Wendy Lowe


I started as a Reiki Master during 1996. Since then I have focused on what people need in order to heal and this has led me down many paths. I became a Seichem Master in 2000 and have taught it since then. I am a member of the Tera-Mai Association and the Reiki and Seichem Association. I trained as a Consultant Hypnotherapist with the World Federation of Hypnotherapists, gaining a professional Diploma with Honours. I use the latest techniques: NLP, EFT, Rapid Cognitive Therapy, Theta Healing, Geneline Therapy as well as conventional Hypnotherapy. I am a member of the World Federation of Hypnotherapists, the British Association of Therapeutical Hypnotherapists, Genetic Therapist Association and the Hypnotherapy Regulatory Register. Members of these associations are bound by strict ethical codes and by a disciplinary council. During 2013 I have been awarded a Diploma in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT). I trained as a certified advanced Theta healing practitioner and as a teacher to teach levels 1 & 2. I also completed an Intuitive Anatomy Course in India. I trained with Simon Rose in Reference Point Therapy and later developed Geneline Therapy with David to encompass our research and experience with clients. I am a dedicated professional who will help you to resolve your problems to recover your balance and happiness.

David Lowe

David Lowe MBA ThH, MWFH, MSHA

I have been a full a full time therapist since 2007 supporting very many people through personal mental, emotional, physical and spiritual transformation. I am fully qualified in the talking therapies Hypnotherapy, Reference Point Therapy, Geneline Therapy, Past Life Therapy and Theta Healing; and energy therapies, Reiki, Seichem. I am joint founder of Geneline Therapy, a fast and effective talking and feeling transformational therapy. My qualifications include: Hypnotherapy (Hons 2009) with the World Federation of Hypnotherapists. Diploma in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT) (2013). Theta Healing (Intuitive Anatomy 2007), Reiki Master & Seichem Master (2005). Reference Point Therapy (Mastering the Miraculous 2009) and PPTLS teaching qualification. I am a teaching member of the World Federation of Hypnotherapists, the British Association of Therapeutical Hypnotherapists, the Hypnotherapy Regulatory Register, and the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council and Genetic Therapist Association.

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