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We provide a professional, confidential and friendly, personal therapy service in a comfortable, safe environment near Nottingham.

We adhere to strict professional standards from the following bodies: Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), The Complementary Medical Association, The World Federation Of Hypnotherapists, The Past Life Therapist Association and The Reiki And Seichem Association.

Hypnos Healing aims to resolve easily and effectively, the inner conflict and stress that causes your symptoms. We have experience in treating many issues including: stop smoking, (cigarettes, e-cigarettes or roll ups), fears, phobias, relationship problems, anxiety, panic attacks, anger, stress, over-weight, gambling, abuse, lack of self confidence, sleep disorders, IBS, redundancy, sexual issues and many more.

Hypnos Healing gives you choices so that you can find fast effective relief and a better understanding of yourself and your life.

Therapies include: Hypnotherapy, NLP, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Geneline Therapy, Reference Point Therapy, Reiki, Seichem and Theta Healing, Painless Spinal Touch and Metamorphic Technique .

David and Wendy have been providing therapy services and workshops together since 2006. Wendy established the business in 1996 with Reiki and other therapies including Hypnotherapy. We are therefore a well-established business offering support for people in the Nottingham area using many therapies and healing techniques.

We are just 10 minutes drive from the M1, either junctions 27 or 28. We offer hypnotherapy and many other therapies to enable you to stop and quit smoking in a single morning therapy session. We treat panic attacks, weight loss, depression, anxiety and stress, exam nerves, relationship issues, back problems IBS, performance issues and lots of other problems. If you want to explore past lives, either out of curiosity or to heal your life, we use hypnosis so that you can experience for yourself a past life. This session is recorded.

Hypnos Healing
10 Westminster Ave
Kirkby in Ashfield
Nottinghamshire, UK.
NG17 7HY

01623 755891

For more information see: www.hypnoshealing.com
Email: wendy@hypnos-healing.co.uk and david.lowe@hotmail.co.uk

Our Professional memberships
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We will enable you to:

stop smoking - lose weight permanently - reduce stress - reduce and manage pain - resolve relationships - release fears - resolve anger - release depression - adapt to life changes - explore past lives.


We offer quick, gentle, very effective treatments to greatly reduce your feelings of anxiety . Call us now to experience releasing emotional limitations.


We offer quick, gentle, very effective treatments to greatly reduce your intense addictions . Call us now to experience releasing your emotional limitations.

resolving relationship conflicts

Are you distressed over your relationship with a relative or love one. Gently transform yourself to restore your relationship with us.


stop smoking here

We offer a one stop, quit smoking session that lasts between two and a half to three hours. It inludes a number of different therapy techniques.


extinguish your fears here

We offer very fast and effective techniques to reduce or eliminate your fears or phobias including needles, heights, spiders, etc.


pain management and pain release

Pain is a message from the body that something is wrong and needs attention. It is also a warning not to injure the body any further.


treatments for depression

Let us support you in releasing the feelings that create depression including "What's the point?", "I give up", "I'm not good enough" etc.


weleda wellbeing advisor

High quality natural, organic and holistic skin, bodycare and natural medicines that bring together nature and the body's specific needs.


release your anger here

We quickly release your feelings of anger, bitterness, hatred, etc. Gently and effectively. Leaving you calm and composed in every situation.


past life regression available here

You are taken into a past life by deep relaxation or hypnosis to experience it again for yourself. Gently lovinglingly and effectively.


stress management

We use and teach you techniques to release stress associated feelings whenever they arrise, bringing calmness and clarity.


life change

We give effective support and teach you emotional coping strategies to smoothen life transitions, bringing calmness and clarity.


weight loss and alignment support

Eating disorders have many underlying issues to resolve. We gently uncover the reasons for being bigger and easily release them.


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Our immediate local area includes Mansfield and Kirkby In Ashfield. Many people choose to travel from Derby, Nottingham and much further away. We offer many treatments via phone or skype so distance is not limited. But we only speak English!. People come to us for past life readings as well as past life regression in addition to stop smoking in a single session, usually a morning session of 2-3 hours. We offer energy healing including Reiki and Reiki shares. Stress and anxiety, fears and phobias are also dealt with by us. We also resolve weight issues, over-weight and under-weight. We support lots of people who have suffered abuse, mental, emotional, physical and sexual. We also transform peoples self confidence. How can we help you ?