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  Hypnos Healing

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          gently transforming
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We provide a professional, confidential and friendly, personal therapy service in a comfortable, safe environment near Nottingham.

anxiety addiction resolving relationship conflicts stop smoking here

Let go of anxiety.

Release addictions.

Recover relationships....

We offer a one stop single extended quit smoking session!..

extinguish your fears here pain management and pain release treatments for depression weight loss and alignment support

Fast and effective elimination of your fears or phobias...

Release pain...

New life without depression...

Taking control of weight loss...

release your anger here past life regression available here stress management life change

We quickly release your feelings of anger, bitterness, hatred, etc...

Relive one of your past lives...

Take control and release stress...

Embracing major life changes...

Hypnos Healing
Kirkby in Ashfield
Nottinghamshire, UK.
NG17 7HY

01623 755891

For more information see: www.hypnoshealing.com
Email: wendy@hypnos-healing.co.uk and david.lowe@hotmail.co.uk

Our Professional memberships
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We will enable you to:

stop smoking - lose weight permanently - reduce stress - reduce and manage pain - resolve relationships - release fears - resolve anger - release depression - adapt to life changes - explore past lives.

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